About Outcare

Outcare is an expert non-profit provider of rehabilitation services in Western Australia. We work to the benefit of all Western Australians by supporting people to break the cycle of re-offending.

Our beginnings

Outcare was formed in the mid 1960s at the same time as the Probation and Parole Service. Then called the Civil Rehabilitation Committee of WA, our founding aim was “to ensure that any released prisoner prepared to live a socially acceptable life should have a chance of achieving this idea”. While a lot has changed in justice and rehabilitation, this aim is still relevant today.

What we do

Outcare specialises in working with people prior to and after their release from prison as well as those at risk of becoming embedded in the criminal justice system. We have a presence in every major correctional facility in the metropolitan area (except Wandoo) and deliver a range of services within the community. We run culturally specific programs for Aboriginal people, as well as specialist programs for people with cognitive disabilities and mental health issues. As families of prisoners need support, we offer a range of services to assist them and keep families connected.

Our practical support assists people to rehabilitate and reintegrate into the community. We can help with such aspects as:

  • finding steady accommodation
  • referral to health and addiction support agencies
  • helping to find a job
  • training and personal skill development
  • community engagement activities
  • emergency relief and financial assistance
  • general advocacy