Our approach

Outcare has a proven evidence based approach.

  • We address the factors known to contribute to offending behaviour.
  • We support individuals to build their capacity to desist from crime.
  • We partner agencies to deliver outcomes.
  • We companion people throughout their journey.
  • We rehabilitate.

Our approach reflects our belief that effective rehabilitation can restore, transform and add value for the whole community. We know that each individual has a unique set of environmental and personal circumstances that shape their attitudes, needs and experience – so rehabilitation has to be tailored to each person to work effectively.

Throughcare model

Everything we do is based on a case-managed throughcare model. We address the risks and needs of the individual client from the point of their contact with the criminal justice system, until they are settled into a law-abiding life. Throughout this we recognise the range of factors that influences offending behaviour and focus on rehabilitation.

Our holistic and individualised approach looks at aspects like their health, emotional, educational, financial, psychosocial or behavioural needs as well as those of their family. We know that rehabilitation benefits everyone – the ex-offender, their family and our community.

Respect and responsibility

At every point in their journey we treat people with respect. Offenders have obligations to respect other people’s entitlements to wellbeing and freedom and they are entitled to the same considerations in the rehabilitation and reintegration process. While we work to create opportunities for people to change their lives, the change is their responsibility.