Our philosophy

Outcare has 6 service principles that guide the way our services are designed and delivered.

  1. We address criminogenic needs – Criminogenic needs are factors that relate to offending and re‑offending. Our approach works to positively change offender behaviour, address risk and build the ability to live crime-free.
  2. Our approach is informed by research and tested in the field – We’ve been working with offenders, their families and people at risk of offending for a long time and we know what works. We also keep up with the very latest research and global best-practice in rehabilitation services.
  3. We give our clients a voice through service co‑design – Outcare appreciates our clients are best placed to determine what support will help them to live free of crime.
  4. We focus on outcomes – Outcare tests, evaluates and demonstrates the impact of our work.
  5. We seek opportunities for co-contribution and justice reinvestment – The most sustainable and successful programs involve a co-contribution from public, private and community funding. We believe in Justice Reinvestment, which diverts funds traditionally used to keep people in prison, towards community level solutions.
  6. We establish productive partnerships to strengthen our impact – We partner with specialist agencies to provide targeted solutions to meet clients’ needs.