Complex Needs


Outcare delivers specialist programs to clients with mental health issues, cognitive impairments and/or intellectual disabilities. These clients are referred to Outcare by the Disabilities Services Commission. We aim to connect participants to specialist health services and social support while they are building their autonomy to live within the community. Clients have a say in their programs and are encouraged to identify their own goals. Outcare’s support workers then assist by providing activities and information such as mentoring, in-home support, community re‑engagement, access to support services and undertaking positive social activities.

Links and Start programs

The Mental Health Commission and Department of the Attorney General introduced a mental health court diversion and support project for adults and children with mental illness, who are also in the criminal justice system. These services involve placing mental health specialist teams in the court to provide assessments and reports. They also develop plans to get people into treatment that addresses their mental illness and reduce their offending behaviour.

Outcare plays an important role in the Links (Youth) and Start (Adult) programs. We help participants reach some their goals and support them through the programs. We also provide practical help so they can live successfully in the community without reoffending.

Jennie’s story highlights the impact of our services on clients with complex needs.