Families and Friends

Family support services

Family members often become the hidden and innocent victims when someone is sent to prison. Family life is very different without that person around and that can be a lot to cope with. Changing responsibilities add stress, particularly if the family member in prison had been the main income earner or the primary care-giver for children or older members of the family. Outcare’s family support services help families during this difficult time.

Family centres

Outcare has Family Centres at Bandyup, Boronia, Casuarina, Hakea, Karnet and Wooroloo prisons. Our professional and qualified staff offer a lot of practical and emotional help within a relaxed and comfortable space. We provide information on prison processes so family members know what to expect when visiting. We can also provide services and information on such issues as crisis accommodation, emergency relief, information on Centrelink and Department of Housing, as well as referrals to counsellors for adults or children. Maria’s story highlights how our family centres give practical support.

Keeping families connected

Outcare has been supporting people in prison and their families for many years. We understand that keeping families connected makes it easier to rebuild the family after prison time has been served and may help the ex-offender to live crime-free.

You can find out more information by downloading our Family Centres brochure.

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