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Career Development

What is Career Development?

Career Development helps people who have been in the justice system with obtaining a job and furthering their education.

This program is designed to give participants the practical assistance they require as they prepare to re-enter the workforce after being released from prison. Facilitators support participants with career planning, resume writing, interview preparation, disclosing convictions and linking with other career development supports.

The program is delivered both through group work and one-to-one sessions.

People in the community and in the following prisons can participate in the program at any stage of their sentence: Acacia, Wooroloo, Karnet, Bandyup and Casuarina prisons.

How can we help?

We can help with things like:

  • Identifying your career aspirations
  • Finding relevant courses
  • Creating tailored resumes
  • Job interview preparation
  • Managing the stress of keeping a job

Who can participate?

Anyone who has been or is currently in the justice system is eligible to participate in the program. We take referrals from the Employment Coordinators at prisons, or you can self-refer to this program. Clients can book an appointment with a career counsellor post release.


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