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Peer Support Employment

The Peer Support Employment project is an initiative funded by the Department of Communities – Information, Linkages and Capacity (ILC) grant with the purpose of assisting Western Australian employers to understand how they can engage and recognize the potential of people with disability to contribute to the workforce which could lead to meaningful employment and assist in building capacity of individual employers to address systemic issues across the sector.

This project supported employers to introduce Peer Work positions across their organizational programs and services, focusing on people with an intellectual disability and/or psychosocial disability who facing multiple challenges in achieving their employment goals.

The project was successful in creating 6 Peer Support Worker roles within not-for-profit agencies. The outcomes documenting the barriers and enablers have been identified in the case studies below.

Through the learnings of the project, Outcare is proud to be able to offer the following Employer Tools and Resources that can assist other organisations to support people with disability to contribute to the workforce and create their own positions.

All documentation is user friendly and includes templates which are downloadable and ready for use within your organisation.

Employer Tools and Resources

Resource Tool Kit for Employers

1.2(a) Employer Engagement Example Fact Sheet Questions

2.1(a) Establishing Positions Questions to ask employer to determine organisational needs fact sheet template

3.2(a) Peer Support Worker Mental Health Job advertisement template

3.2(a.a) Wage Subsidy’s Information Pack for Employers

3.2(b) Mental Health Trauma Peer Worker Role Job Advertisement Template

3.2(c) Intellectual Disability Peer Support Worker Job Advertisement template

3.2(d) Reference Check Template

3.2(e) Telephone Screening Template

3.2(f) Termination of Your Employment Template

3.2(g) Position Description Peer Support Worker Template

3.2(h) Notice to Unsuccessful Applicants Template

3.2(i) Duty Statement Intellectual Disability Peer Worker Template

3.2(j) Duty Statement Mental Health Peer Worker template

3.2(k) Contract Peer Support Worker Template

3.2(l.a) Procedures Employee Wellbeing

3.2(l.b) Policy Employee Wellbeing

3.2(m.a) Policy – Equal Employment Opportunity

3.2(m.a) Procedures – Equal Employment Opportunity

3.2(n.a) Policy Advocacy

3.2(n.b) Procedures Advocacy

3.2(o.a) Policy Alcohol & Other Drugs

3.2(o.b) Procedures Alcohol & Other Drugs

3.2(p.a) Policy – Rights of a Person with a Disability

3.2(p.b) Procedures – Rights of a Person with a Disability

3.2(q.a) Policy – Employee Discipline & Termination

3.2(q.b) Procedures – Employee Discipline & Termination

3.2(r.a) Policy – Employee Recruitment and Selection

3.2(r.b) Procedures – Employee Recruitment and Selection

3.2(s.a) Policy – Duty of Care

3.2(s.b) Procedures – Duty of Care

3.2(t.a) Policy – Bullying & Harassment

3.2(t.b) Procedures – Bullying & Harassment

3.2(u) Proposal Letter

3.2(v) Interview Framework Questions Based on Values

3.2(w) Warning Letter Template

3.2(x) Wage Incentives & Traineeships Fact Sheet

3.2(y) Engaging Job Networks Fact Sheet

3.2(z) Exit Survey Template

4.2(a) WRAP Care Plan Fact Sheet Template

4.4(a) Peer Support Workers Access & Inclusion Resource Tool Kit for Employers

Case Studies

The following case studies are divided by those which were successful in granting a placement to the participant and those where the case study was completed but a placement was not granted.

The case studies may assist potential employers with learnings that will support them to implement this initiative at their organisation.

Case Studies (Placement Granted):

Case Study – Admin Peer Position

Case Study – Harry Hunter

Case Study – Reception Peer Role

Case Study – St Pat

Case Study – The Wellness Initiative

Case Study – Aboriginal Throughcare

Case Studies (No Placement Granted):

Case Study – Cyrenian House

Case Study – Down Syndrome Association

Case Study – FINWA

Case Study – Fragile X Association

Case Study – Fresh Start Recovery Program

Case Study – Midway Community Care

Case Study – Palmerston

Case Study – Patricia Giles

Case Study – Sirens of Silence

Case Study – Soldiers Sirens


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